Employment Opportunity (Internal Posting)

The Children’s Oral Health Initiative COHI Aide


Position Summary

The COHI Aide works to enroll families in the COHI program, update medical histories, fill in paperwork, make home and community visits, and apply fluoride varnish. The COHI Aide is responsible for promoting oral health, providing oral hygiene education, implementing oral health prevention strategies and activities, and performing administrative and reporting duties.


COHI Aide training will take place virtually to ensure the safety of community members. Training will cover the basics of oral health, disease prevention, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride varnish application, and infection prevention and control.


The COHI program strives to prevent tooth decay and infection in children, thereby preventing dental emergencies and the need for dental treatment under sedation.

Useful skills:

·         Effective communication and organization skills

·         Enjoys working with children.

·         Comfortable working in the mouth

·         Able to work independently.

·         Able to build networks and partnerships and has good relationships with members of the community.

COHI Aide Roles/Responsibilities and Job Description


The role of the COHI Aide is to act as an essential link between their COHI Provider and the community, to directly provide limited oral health services, and to be the face of oral health promotion in their community.


The responsibilities of the COHI Aide are to:

·         Serve as the oral health champion in the community.

·         Provide fluoride varnish applications to children.

·         Provide oral health information in group or one-on-one settings.

·         Collect annual consent/health history updates for COHI children.

·         Work collaboratively with their COHI Provider.

·         Complete a COHI Work Plan and review it quarterly with the COHI Provider and Health Director.

·         Schedule COHI screenings and assist the COHI Provider in completing the screenings; and

·         Help coordinate referrals.


It is expected that COHI Aides:

·         be organized and professional.

·         communicate clearly with their COHI Provider, Health Director, and COHI Specialists.

·         work both independently, and collaboratively.

·         follow all COHI protocols procedures.

·         ensure COHI services are delivered (service delivery days are completed), and in a timely fashion.

·         collect and submit data in a timely fashion.

·         attempt to meet Expected Deliverables.

·         maintain appropriate records and charts; and

·         participate in monthly COHI Aide conference calls.

COHI Aide Responsibilities

Some COHI Aide responsibilities include:

1.      Acting as an essential “link” between the COHI dental professional (a Dental Therapist [DT] or Dental Hygienist [DH]) and the community

·         Notify DT/DH of community schedule/closures.

·         Collect class lists, daycare lists, etc.

·         Locate/account for clients on COHI and Prenatal Lists

·         Be aware of new births and new children in community (e.g., by connecting with the Community Health Nurse)


2.      Collecting Authorization Forms and Medical History updates

·         New COHI clients require a completed Authorization Forms

·         All clients new to COHI need Authorization Forms, with the exception of pregnant women.

·         Medical history updates are done at the beginning of COHI year and can be done over telephone.


3.      Keeping records and performing paperwork

·         Every service is recorded in three places:

·         COHI List or Prenatal List

·         DSDR (Daily Service Dental Record) - given to DT/DH or mailed-in to the FNHA for data entry.

·   DSDRs are recorded on color-coded, carbon-copy paper. The white and yellow carbon copies get sent to the FNHA, and the pink copies are kept in-community as a record of treatment.

·         COHI Services Record (pink chart)


4.       Working with DT/DH to provide clinical services (screening, ART, sealants)

·         Wipe down clinic surfaces.

·         Set up supplies.

·         Confirm appointments.

·         Pull charts.

·         Ensure the top yellow section of Dental Screening Form is completed.

·         Transport/escort clients to and from site (as applicable)


5.      Performing home visits

·         In-person COHI services can be done during home visits

·         Arrange appointment time.

·         Accompany DT/DH

·         Introduce DT/DH

·         May be necessary for follow-up fluoride varnishes, getting Authorization Forms and/or medical history forms.


6.      Sharing mouth care information

·         Done in conjunction with every fluoride varnish.


7.      Providing fluoride varnish applications

·         Done in schools, daycares, Head Start, home, clinic.

·         As per protocol and fluoride regimen

Interview Process:

  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  • Two step interviews (Interview & written assignment)
  • Criminal record check
  • Reference Check


Application deadline: Open until filled.

To apply for this position please send your resume and cover letter to hr@ulkatcho.ca with “COHI Aide” in subject field or hand deliver a copy to Band Office Reception.