Employment Opportunity

Night Watchman / Guardian


The major purpose of this interim job opportunity is to provide security services that are professional, dedicated, and responsive to the Ulkatcho First Nation. The services must be Culturally responsive, representative and respectful. Successful applicants will provide culturally responsive security services that are critical for community safety and wellbeing. Instilling First Nations values and ways of knowing into security services is critical to improve outcomes.

UFN’s security patrol team is a partnership between the Administration, Emergency Management and Wellness to focus on increasing and maintaining the security and well-being of Ulkatcho members, Ulkatcho territory (within perimeter of reserve lands), and Ulkatcho property. Community wellness and safety are the responsibility of everyone. The security patrol is part of a coordinated team working together to realize the community's wellness, independence, and cultural strength.

The security patrol reports to the Operations Manager.


  • Patrol reserve lands and surrounding areas on foot, by quads and vehicles in all weather conditions
  • Investigate and inform the RCMP and the UFN Administration on accidents, incidents, trespassing, suspicious activities, safety, and fire incidents that you come across.
  • Complete daily reports, including relevant information, observations, surveillance footage, and signatures.
  • Provide after-hours support to Ulkatcho members through outreach, engagement, and making referrals to Health and Wellness support.
  • Prepare summaries, briefing notes, and reports as required for current and future community safety programs and initiatives.
  • Provide after-hours support for reserve land.
  • Attending events and areas where people are gathered.
  • Protect buildings and public places.
  • Monitor and document incidents.
  • Identify barriers or gaps in existing programs or services that impact community safety.

Competencies: In an effort to uphold a high standard of community accountability and quality of care, this position will exhibit the following competencies:


  • Report to the Operations Manager for weekly supervision.
  • In advance, communicate your regular schedule, any changes, and planned absences to your supervisor. Unexpected changes to scheduled time at work must be communicated with the supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Obtain supervisory approval for program expenses prior to pursuing funding opportunities, as agreed upon.
  • Provide any written reports and updates regarding the development and progress of job objectives to the Operations Manager upon request and maintain confidential records of client work.
  • Maintains confidentiality on all matters relating to clients’ personal information and maintains confidential records.


  • Build constructive working relationships with clients, coworkers, community partners, and others, and maintain professional boundaries with all interactions.
  • Maintain confidentiality of service user information at all times, both in spoken and in written communication, only to be shared within the Operations Manager for collaboration of services or as approved with the written consent by the service user for coordination of services with other departments and entities.
  • Follow all Ulkatcho Nation policies and procedures with due diligence and periodically engage In a Service Engagement Evaluation & Development Plan.
  • Engage in continuous self-reflection about one’s cultural identity regarding how that informs one’s implicit biases.
  • Be willing to take responsibility for any inherent privilege one carries with dominant identities and to serve as an ally where necessary.
  • Practice mindful awareness of any personal tendencies to commit micro-aggressions.
  • Take responsibility for interrupting discriminatory thoughts with increased information.
  • Engage in meaningful intercultural connections and experiences to expand one’s understanding of the intersectionality of identity.
  • Seek to gain a deeper understanding of Ulkatcho culture with a willingness to participate in community and cultural events.
  • Approach others with cultural humility and authenticity about one’s experiential limitations.


  • Capacity to model a healthy lifestyle.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment, show initiative and be proactive.
  • Willingness to work a flexible work schedule, evenings and weekends, as required.
  • Understanding of how to engage youth who may resist participating in nutritional support.


  • Criminal History cleared to work with children and vulnerable populations.
  • The ability to maintain strong professional boundaries within the cultural context of the Ulkatcho Nation community.
  • Valid Class 5 BC Driver’s License

Interview Process:

  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  • Two step interviews (Interview & written assignment)
  • Criminal record check
  • Reference Check

Application deadline:

Open until filled.

To apply for this position please send your resume and cover letter to hr@ulkatcho.ca with “Night Watchman / Guardian” in subject field or hand deliver a copy to Band Office Reception.