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Ulkatcho Energy Corporation embarks on clean energy generation in Anahim Lake

Anahim Lake, British Columbia, April 19, 2024 — A new solar energy project is underway for the Ulkatcho First Nation in Anahim Lake, BC.


The Ulkatcho First Nation is off-the-grid, and power is currently entirely diesel generated. Through developing Public-Private-Community Partnerships including the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, and BC Hydro, this solar project is set to reduce the need for diesel in the remote community by approximately 64%. This project is described as the largest off-grid solar project in Canada and is 100% owned by the Ulkatcho Energy Corporation (UEC) – a member of the Ulkatcho Group of Companies (UGoC).


The UEC and BC Hydro are entering into a Community Electricity Purchase Agreement (CEPA) for electricity generated through the solar plant. BC Hydro will buy the solar energy through the CEPA and will integrate the energy into its microgrid to then serve the community.


The UEC is currently transforming industrial land of an old sawmill site to construct the solar power plant. The project also includes the construction of a new access road, security system for monitoring the facility, fire management, signage, and other related property assets.


The Ulkatcho Energy Corporation has developed collaborative relationships for this project, building mutually beneficial alliances that include ATCO Electric (Owner’s Representative), Hatch Ltd (Engineering), Bennett Jones (Legal Advisors), Bank of Montreal (Everyday Banking), and Hitachi Energy (Major Equipment Supplier).


A thriving economy needs strategic investments to build a sustainable future. This project will not only contribute to the success and resilience of the Ulkatcho First Nation, but will also serve as an exemplary model of sustainable development for the province of British Columbia and Canada as a whole.



Chief Lynda Price, BA, JD

 “The signing of the Community Electricity Purchase Agreement between the Ulkatcho Energy Corporation and BC Hydro for the Anahim Lake Solar Farm marks a momentous occasion for the Ulkatcho First Nation in championing energy sovereignty and sustainable economic development through clean, renewable power. Our Ulkatcho Group of Companies’ strength is in the ability to forge partnerships for the future, and we are proud to take this step towards community prosperity and a better quality of life for our Nation’s members.”

Chris O’Riley, President and CEO, BC Hydro

 “The Anahim Lake Solar Farm is just one example of how BC Hydro is working with First Nations to promote renewable energy, advance electrification, and form long-term partnerships. It’s an important part of BC Hydro’s commitment to improve accessibility of clean, reliable, and affordable power to Indigenous Nations and communities in remote areas of B.C. This partnership lays the foundation for Indigenous participation in B.C.’s clean-energy sector and aims to not just promote sustainability, but also economic development and energy sovereignty for members of Ulkatcho First Nation."

Al-Nashir Jamal, Chairman of the Board, Ulkatcho Group of Companies

 “As Canada strives towards its commitments to mitigate the effects of Climate Change, the Ulkatcho Energy Corporation sees this as an excellent opportunity - not only to further diversify the activities of the Ulkatcho Group of Companies, but also play a critical role in ultimately displacing the use of diesel in the generation of clean electricity. The Anahim Solar Project is, in my mind, a model for meaningful Public-Private-Community Partnerships, with Multi-Inputs Area Development, through Blended Financing.“


Quick Facts

  •  The Ulkatcho Energy Corporation and BC Hydro are entering into a new Community Electricity Purchase Agreement (CEPA)
  •  Following the signing of the CEPA, Ulkatcho Energy Corporation is beginning construction of a new utility-scale solar farmThe Anahim Lake  Solar Project is being supported through a mix of funding programs which include:
    •  The Government of Canada through the Green Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program
    • The Government of British Columbia through the CleanBC Communities Fund
    • The New Relationship Trust through the Community Energy Diesel Reduction and BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative programs.

Chief Lynda Price and President/CEO of BC Hydro Chris O'Riley


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